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Welcome to Cafe Poiju!

From 3rd of June to 16th of August we are open from Monday to Thursday at 9.30-20.00 and on Friday at 9.30-16.00.

From 19th of August to 31st of August we're open from Monday to Friday 10:00-17:00.

We serve lunch at 11.00-14.30 every day we are open.

Puomitie 12 | 90510 Oulu
Phone: (+358)46 922 1318

Oceanic cafeteria on Oulu's Hietasaari at Seelari

Inexpensive lunch, coffee, buns, rolls, ice cream, cookies and supplementaries.

Whole family lunch, refreshing place by the sea, rich bird life and boats. More than 100 seats will ensure access to big events. We also have a meeting room, which is the perfect place to hold meetings. Ask for low-cost party-and meeting offers. We provide catering services for the whole Oulu region. Welcome to enjoy! You can find our weekly menus here (in English) or lounaat.info (in Finnish).

Kahvila Poiju on the map